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Every business owner experiences legal and business issues from time to time … yes, even you, solopreneurs. 

For instance, have you ever done a big job … and then struggled to get paid for it?

Or had a client who demanded a refund … even though they didn’t deserve one?

Or had a client steal your content .... and you not know what to do about it...?

If you’re like most business owners, the answer is YES.

Which is why I urge you to read this until the very end … 

In it, I’m going to explain:
How you can empower yourself with the legal and business knowledge you need to keep your business safe and to grow it successfully to secure your financial independence
And why it’s so important that you do so … before problems arise and before you have spent weeks or months trying to figure out by yourself if you're taking the right next step...
But first, you might be wondering why legal and business knolwedge and protection is so important for small business owners, and that’s because ...
There are plenty of legal and business problems you’re likely to face when you’re running your own business ...
… like the supplier who ties you into a long-term, expensive contract with sub-standard products … just because you didn’t fully understand one of the clauses in your contract and didn’t delete it

… the competitor who demands you change the name of your brand at great personal expense … because you didn’t check properly whether you could use it

… the graphic designer who forces you to stop using your logo after years … all because you didn’t ask them to sign the right legal document

… the employee who drags you in front of the Employment Tribunal … because you failed to follow one simple procedure

… or the bailiff who seizes your savings and personal assets … because you didn’t have the right legal structure in place to protect yourself
If you think these kinds of things could never happen to you, I urge you to think again.

Unfortunately, most of my legal clients once felt the exact same way you did … and were shocked to discover they were wrong.

Which is why as a business lawyer and as a small business owner of over 10 years, I can tell you that ...
Contract disputes, disgruntled customers, problem employees, and other legal and business hassles are inevitable for solopreneurs & small business owners.
If you haven’t experienced one yet, consider yourself lucky … it’s likely only a matter of time before you do.

Worse, when issues like these come up, they create confusion, worry, and overwhelm … 

In other words, needless stress … something you don’t want to deal with as a busy entrepreneur with a lot on your plate already.

After all, it’s time-consuming enough trying to juggle all your work responsibilities and family obligations.

Add a legal problem to the mix, and suddenly you’re also forced to figure out the answers to questions like ...
Am I legally in the right here?
What are the laws surrounding this issue?
How can I protect myself and my business going forward?
And what’s the best way to resolve a legal matter to my benefit … without investing a ton of time, money, and effort?
Is this decision the right one for my business where it is right now?
What are the right next steps for me to take  with this particular challenge in my business?
These questions are incredibly challenging to answer … when you don’t have a legal background or you haven't been running your business for decades.

Which is why ...
Ideally, you’d turn to a great lawyer and/or a business consultant for help ... but they charge £350 an hour and up!
At those hourly rates, a lot of small business owners can’t afford the services of a lawyer and/or a business consultant.

So, they either bury their head in the sand, hoping the problem will go away …

Or, they take a DIY approach … by doing online research or asking their friends for advice.

While these tactics might sound good in theory, they have some major problems

For one thing, your friends probably don’t know the law any better than you do … so they’re hardly the best source to turn to for legal advice.

And, as for performing a Google search to answer your legal questions, you should know that...
Turning to the Internet for legal help is a very bad idea … and can potentially jeopardize your business
I strongly discourage business owners from relying on the Internet for legal advice, because …
The Legal Advice Online Is Generic
Online legal advice is always really basic in nature … think of it as an introduction to a topic, rather than the detailed, specific advice you’d get from an experienced solicitor. Because it’s written for the masses, the advice can’t address your specific legal issue in any meaningful way.

That’s a problem, because when it comes to the law, specificity matters. After all, there’s a reason law books are hundreds of pages thick and filled with legal jargon! 

As a result, it’s virtually impossible to get advice that you can 100% rely on, merely by reading a few articles online--and that’s the kind of support you need when your business is at risk.
A Lot Of People Offering Legal Advice Online… Are NOT Qualified To Do So
When you’re seeking legal advice, experience and expertise matter. Yet unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the legal blogs and articles you find online have been written by a trustworthy, skilled lawyer … or a solicitor at all for that matter! 

In fact, many of the online legal blogs and articles aren’t even written by lawyers at all, because most lawyers are way too busy for that kind of thing. 

As a result, a lot of the legal content you’ll find online has been written by bloggers … who probably don’t have any more legal knowledge than you do!

Which is why when it comes to online legal advice, all too often it’s a case of the blind leading the blind.
Online Legal Advice Is Frequently Inaccurate & Outdated
Sometimes the legal advice on the Internet is just flat out wrong. After all, not everyone who writes about the law actually knows it well enough to be offering advice to the masses.

Other times, the advice was true once … but isn’t anymore, because laws are constantly changing. 

As a result, unless you actually work with a legal expert, you have no way of knowing whether the guidance you’re getting is accurate … and would you really want to base an important legal decision on information that could be wrong
As you can see, there are plenty of problems with getting your legal advice from the Internet.

Which is why ...
Taking a DIY approach to legal matters puts your business at risk ... while increasing the likelihood you’ll be taken advantage of.
When you turn to the Internet for legal advice, you lack confidence in any decisions you make that are based off that information.

After all, perhaps you may think you know what your legal obligations are, but not being a solicitor yourself, you can never be entirely certain.

And because you’re not sure whether you’re on solid legal ground, you give in far more often than you should, for instance, by …
 Issuing refunds you’re not required to provide 
 Accepting less money for a job than you initially agreed upon
 Being more generous with an employee than you need to be
  Paying a supplier you’re not legally obligated to pay
Not only do these situations cost you money, but they also diminish your professional credibility … which is never a good look when you own your own business.

However, that’s not even the worst of it, because …
Without a lawyer’s expert support, you run the risk of everyday legal issues snowballing, turning into even bigger, more expensive problems.
Unfortunately, dealing with your legal issues on your own can cause you far more financial headaches ... than had you just consulted a solicitor in the first place!

That’s because a good legal support can protect you from money drains, like ...

The associate who steals your clients
Your business is growing quickly, so you take on an associate to help you manage your clients. Over time, you realise to your dismay that more and more clients have given notice on their retainers … when you ask them why, you discover that your unscrupulous associate suggested they deal directly with him--for a greatly reduced fee! 

The cancellation of your big event
You’ve sold your business retreat to 50 people. However, external world events have led to new travel restrictions. You realise you can’t hold the event you sold and are going to have to refund all your clients … but the venue refuses to refund you, so you don’t have the money you need to issue your customers a refund.

The copywriter who doesn’t deliver
Due to a dispute, your copywriter refuses to turn over the sales copy you already paid them for. Because you never obtained an assignment of the intellectual property in the copy, you’re on shaky legal ground. Rather than see how you fare in court--and have to pay the copywriter’s legal fees should you lose--you end up paying another writer to redo the work.

Every single one of these expensive scenarios could have been avoided had you sought out the expertise of a lawyer first.

Which is why rather than waiting until you’re already experiencing a legal problem ...
It’s smart to get expert legal help before the problems occur ...
Unlike you, a good lawyer knows all the different ways you can put your business in legal jeopardy.

And with that knowledge, they can steer you around problems before they occur … 

Which is so important … especially when you consider the long-term costs of an ongoing legal issue, or worse, the costs of a failing business.

Predicaments like these can run into the thousands and thousands of pounds … 

Whereas a good solicitor can help you address legal issues well before you encounter problems … ultimately saving you money in the long run, while protecting your livelihood.

Furthermore …
A skilled business lawyer can even help you make money!
Although solicitors are well-known for handling legal problems, what most people don’t realize is that business lawyers can actually help you grow your business as well.

For instance, with the right legal advice, you can branch into new (profitable!) avenues, doing things like:
Licensing Your Content 
A solicitor can help you license your content, so you can sell it to interested parties while still maintaining your legal ownership … giving you an easy way to earn passive income from a brand-new revenue stream!
Developing a New Service or Product Line 
Sometimes entrepreneurs drag their feet when it comes to launching new products or services, because they’re not sure what legal protections they should have in place first. 

A good business lawyer will explain what you should do before offering a new product or service to your customers ... so you can build a bigger business with confidence.
Franchising Your Business 
Franchising is a great way to expand your business--without incurring any debt. However, if you’ve never started a franchise before, the prospect can seem daunting. 

Fortunately, a business lawyer can easily explain the best way to go about establishing a franchise ... so you don’t miss out on this lucrative source of income.
Selling Your Business or Getting Investment
There may come a time when you want to sell your business or seek out investors. 

But before you do, you want to make sure your business has a solid foundation … meaning the right legal structure, as well as the right contracts with customers, suppliers, employees, and freelancers. 

A business lawyer can walk you through everything you need to do to prepare … providing expert guidance.

As you can see, a business lawyer is an invaluable resource for small business owners who want to expand their business and make more money.

Having said that, by now you might be wondering ...
Who Am I and How Do I Know This?

Hi, I’m Suzanne Dibble, a business lawyer who specialises in helping small business owners with their legal issues.

Prior to doing that, I worked with legendary entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, and at the world’s largest law firm, DLA Piper, working on multi-million pound global mergers and acquisitions.

I’ve also been a board director of a £100m+ business, which led to me being listed in the Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite two years in a row.

In 2010, I set up my own legal practice, and as a result, I’m totally commercial-minded and entrepreneurial in my outlook (which is a bit of a rarity for us solicitors).

However ...

What really sets me apart from other lawyers is my passion for educating and empowering female business owners ...

That’s important to me, because I watched my mum struggle--at the age of 50--after my father left her with no financial security.

As you might imagine, that experience had a profound impact … and ultimately, set me on my current course.

Today, I help women by:

Establishing a solid foundation for their business
Putting legal protections in place to prevent anything from threatening their livelihood
My ultimate goal is to help female small business owners achieve financial independence … so they can rest easy, knowing their business and financial future is 100% secure.

In the course of that work, I created the Small Business Legal Academy, which was heralded by the SRA and the Legal Services Board as 'pioneering’. It also won a Law Society Award and when surveyed, a whopping 100% of Small Business Legal Academy members said they’d recommend it.

Between the Small Business Legal Academy and the clients I’ve assisted in my private practice, I’ve literally helped tens of thousands of small business owners … which is why I’m well-familiar with the legal issues you face.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the Savvy Shay Business Club ...

Introducing the...

The Savvy Shay Business Club is my affordable monthly membership that provides you with the expert legal and business guidance you need to protect and grow your business … for far less than what it’d cost you to hire a solicitor or business advisor.

That’s so important, because according to the Legal Services Board, legal problems cost small businesses, on average, a whopping £6,700 per year!

And unfortunately, until now, there’s never been an easy way for small business owners to get reasonably priced expert legal help … 

However, with the Savvy Shay Business Club, not only will you enjoy that, but you’ll also experience other amazing benefits, like:

Weekly Zoom Surgeries
As a member, you’ll gain access to my weekly Zoom surgeries, where I and my carefully selcted team of legal experts will answer all your legal questions … meaning that rather than relying on the Internet for legal help (which is incredibly risky), you can get accurate, trustworthy guidance week after week from me, a highly-regarded business lawyer with over 20 years of legal experience and my specailist team.
Monthly Trainings and Q&As
Every month, you'll be invited to training sessions, addressing the most pressing legal concerns within the community … so you’re always learning something new and important about the law that’ll help you protect your livelihood while remaining in compliance with the newest legal regulations.
Membership in the Facebook Group
Once you join the Savvy Shay Business Club, you’ll gain access to my private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to network with other like-minded small business owners … enjoying an invaluable opportunity to learn from their collective business and legal experience. 

With all these amazing resources, the Savvy Shay Business Club arms you with the knowledge you need to make smart, money-saving legal decisions for your business … at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a solicitor and a business advisor!

Even better, you’re getting that legal guidance quickly and easily from an experienced business lawyer … without having to waste time and energy trying to decipher complicated (dull!) legal jargon. 

However, don’t just take my word for how great the support is … check out what our members have to say about it ...

Shaa Wasmund MBE
“It's times like last month when I'm truly grateful that I know Suzanne.

Rather than me worry about how regulations applied and spend hours deciphering legalease on the internet or paying a fortune to a suited lawyer in a big office to tell me, I had my answer within seconds and without further cost.

Suzanne seemingly can turn her hand to any business related contracts; from terms and conditions to coaching contracts - even the lease for my beach hut where I write my best selling books...

Her practical guidance got me past the council bureaucracy quickly and easily - a miracle!

If you have an online business or are a coach, consultant, author, speaker or expert, there really isn't anyone else out there who is equipped to help you at the same level that Suzanne is.

And the fact that this support comes at such an affordable price is the icing on the cake.
“Suzanne has been a constant support for me and my team here at JigsawBox.

There are so many legal requirements for a small business and so much technical jargon that we don't always understand what's required of us from a legal point of you, and it's hard to know where to begin.

The Legal Academy allows us to go about our business with ease and grace.

Having access to Suzanne's Facebook group where we can ask questions and get a speedy response is brilliant. We also get to see other businesses questions where the answers also benefit us.

The Legal Academy has given us easy to use templates that we have been able to easily adapt to our business.

We LOVE the videos that Suzanne provides, none of the legal jargon and always explains the topic in ways that we understand, and we get training on new developments when they arise (for example VATMOSS).

One of the big things for us that being part of the Legal Academy provides (apart from the oodles of templates, videos, Facebook group access etc etc!) is the level of reassurance we have, knowing that we have the right systems in place, the right legal documents, and if ever we come across something where we are not sure of our legal stance, having access to Suzanne is invaluable.
Nicola Bird
Joanna Martin
"Suzanne, I wanted to thank you for your SBLA program.

My husband Greg purchased it as he looks after all the details in our business.

Having moved from Australia there are a lot of UK laws which we simply don’t know about, so it is great to have a resource to refer to when we get stuck.

I know he uses it all the time as he tells me how much time and frustration it has saved him.

It has saved us 10 times what we paid for it in legal fees.

He keeps telling anyone who will listen to join up!
“If you're a coach, consultant, expert or speaker in the UK, then you definitely need Suzanne's Legal Academy.

It has a special module specifically for us that covers all of the areas we need to protect ourselves against and gives us all of the legal documents we are likely to need.

This kind of guidance just isn't available elsewhere.

The thing about Suzanne is that she completely understands our world and has put practical documents together that reflect exactly what we are doing - not many lawyers out there really understand what we need.

I have seen a lot of coaches and experts make very, very expensive mistakes, myself included, through not knowing how to protect ourselves properly.

If you have Suzanne and her Academy on your side, those mistakes just aren't going to happen.

You might think I'll get round to protecting myself later after I have built my new website or designed my new course or held my next event, but the thing is you don't know when those mistakes are going to happen - so if you want my advice, I would say get hold of Suzanne's Academy now and make sure those mistakes don't happen full stop.
Dan Bradbury
Business Growth Systems
Michelle Holmes
"Suzanne’s Legal Academy has been a lifesaver more than once.

One time in particular springs to mind. I had spent ages creating a fabulous Facebook competition leading into the launch of a new product and was concerned about the legalities.

As an Elite member of the Academy, I asked Suzanne which document I needed to protect me and she directed me to the Facebook competition terms. I tweaked them and included them with the competition and went live.

Just after I went live, I received a message from a contact that put the fear of god in me. He forwarded me a link about illegal lotteries and people going to jail. It was Friday night and I didn’t know what to do! I was about to pull the whole competition…

I contacted Suzanne not really hoping to hear from her until the Monday at the earliest. She replied straight back to me that night and told me that because we had included certain terms in the competition terms, there was no chance that it would be construed as an illegal lottery.

Thank goodness I signed up for Elite membership as if I hadn’t been able to contact Suzanne then I would have pulled the competition and wasted a whole lot of time and effort.

It is so reassuring to know that Suzanne is always there for me if I have similar problems and to know that not only does Suzanne have an excellent legal background and really knows her law, but also being the owner of a successful online business, really understands the practical business challenges that we have and interprets the law in the light of those practical challenges.

I can’t recommend Suzanne or her Legal Academy enough – if you have an online business in the UK, you need Suzanne on your side.
“I consider myself really fortunate that Suzanne set up the Small Business Legal Academy at just the point where my business was taking off. It has saved me thousands of pounds in legal fees and tons of time that I would have had to spend liaising with a lawyer.

Instead it has been so simple.

What I love most is that if I create a new online programme, live training or other service I know that I can just log on to the members area, grab the template that I need and tweak it to suit my business and voila! I’m good to go.

SBLA even removed all of the headache of getting my online sales pages compliant as I knew exactly what I needed in terms of terms & conditions and other items on my site. In fact I’m not sure you would even get this level of thorough cover through most lawyers – when you see the templates you can see that no stone is left unturned – Suzanne has thought to cover you for pretty much every eventuality! The video guides are super easy to work though. They break down complex legal information into such simple, jargon free information that, so much so that my PA (who had no legal background at all) was able to work through them on my behalf and pull together what was needed to protect my business.

The upgrade to the support via the Facebook group was also worth every penny – to get advice on areas specific to your business from a top lawyer without having to fork out thousands in fees is just amazing.

I can’t imagine where I would be without it – probably getting myself in a lot of hot water and needing an expensive lawyer to help me get out of it!"
Catherine Watkin
Karen Skidmore
"I hate dealing with legal stuff.

When I first started up 11 years ago, I was a self-employed coach who just about made enough to cover her personal tax allowance! But over the years, I’ve set up membership sites, created and sold online training programmes, organised events and now run a marketing school and mastermind group.

I realised I couldn’t stick my head in the sand over legal matters any more.

So when I first discovered Suzanne’s Legal Academy, I was delighted. The templates, really easy to understand videos and step by step advice are priceless and, more importantly, I feel more confident to get on and sort out terms & conditions, contracts and other legal stuff I didn’t even realise I needed to have.

In the early years I spent £750 with a local lawyer to set up a really basic associate contract; that was just one hour of her time so I dread to think how much I would have had to spend if I had to go direct to a lawyer to get everything included here.

Having everything laid out so simply and easy to access and being able to use the Facebook Group if I need a specific question answered is invaluable so I would have to say that investing in this Legal Academy is critical if you want to take you and your business seriously."
"Suzanne is one of the few lawyers who really understands online business.

She understands all the risks that face us and explains in a really easy to understand way, how we can avoid those risks.

As a Social Marketing expert, I find that not many lawyers are clued up on the law on social media or about internet marketing in general, but this is Suzanne's expertise. Not only does she know the law but she also knows how to make it relevant in terms of our every day business - again, something not many lawyers do.

Her Academy includes excellent video guides on all areas of running an online business including social media law, internet marketing law, affiliate marketing law, e-commerce law and a lot more and provides relevant, practical guidance that in my experience just can't be found elsewhere.

If you have an online business, in my view, there is nothing better than Suzanne's Academy to protect you from all the nasty legal issues that can severely impact on your business."
Veronica Pullen
Cara Sayer
"I simply wish that Suzanne’s Academy had been around when I started my business as it would have saved me an awful lot of time, effort, money and stress in trying to find out what you need to do to start up and run a business venture and to take care of the legal side of things.

I will happily recommend it to any small business as it’s great value for money and incredibly helpful."
"I love business, I even secretly love all the numbers stuff, but when it comes to legals... I'm lost.

I know I need it, I know it's important, and I know it needs to be 'right' but like most people when faced with language you don't quite understand you don't know if it's right or wrong or just there to 'look clever'.

While I have no desire to be a lawyer (so not my Thing) I do like to understand my terms and conditions and contracts as they are part of my business.

I'll also confess I'm not a huge fan of paying out large amounts of cash for what I sure are template legal documents half the time.

So now I don't.

Gone are the days of me stressing about all my legal bits and pieces being up to date, accurate, effective, not to mention spending £450 a go on the odd lawyers letter (yes one letter) as now The Legal Academy handles everything I need to know and use.

I refer all my business clients to it and Suzanne whenever the word 'lawyer' is mentioned.

It solves all the problems you didn't know you had (and now don't have to worry about) and even if something crops up you just ask.

And relax..."
Lucy Whittington
The Savvy Shay Business Club Empowers You With the Expert Legal Guidance You Need … To Handle Any Legal Issue Your Business Is Facing

By now, you’re probably wondering what types of legal issues I can help you with … great question!

As a Savvy Shay Business Club member, you’ll learn the best way to address any and all business-related legal matters … so you can protect your best interests now--and in the future.

For instance, as a member, you’ll discover how to ...

Determine which legal documents you absolutely must have in place when working with contractors, suppliers, customers, and employees … so you can limit your financial liability in all of your business dealings.
Clearly detail exactly which services you’ll provide, so you can minimize the risk of dispute … while making sure you get paid for any scope creep.
Guard your intellectual property to ensure that you can profitably use it for the lifetime of your business … rather than unintentionally giving away rights to your trainings, methodologies, templates, etc.
Cap the potential amount you’d need to pay a client should they be unhappy with your work … so you minimize your financial liability, while ensuring fair treatment.
Identify the right wording for deposits, overtime, retainers, expenses, interest, payment schedules, and more … so you have an iron-clad contract in place to protect your best interests.
Make sure international clients are subject to the laws of your home jurisdiction … so if problems arise, you won’t have to deal with the monumental expense of having to defend yourself in an overseas country. 
Use the right termination clauses, so you can escape problematic clients without being in breach of contract … while learning how to make it difficult for clients to terminate your contract with them.  
Get paid in full on-time, every single time, so you receive exactly what you’re owed when you’re owed it … preventing clients from taking advantage of you.
Word consumer contracts correctly, so customers can’t extend the cooling off period … and therefore, you have no legal obligation to refund them.
Reduce your risk of being taken to the Employment Tribunal … so you don’t have to deal with needless stress, massive expense, and adverse publicity.
Ensure that you’re under no obligation to perform, should unforeseen events (such as the pandemic) occur … and that you’re not out any money as a result.
Handle difficult negotiations with suppliers, so you get the best price for the agreed-upon service … without being tied into a bad contract. 
Learn which GDPR documents you must have in place … and what the consequences are if you don’t.
Prevent employees from using your confidential information (or worse, poaching your clients) … so they have zero opportunity to destroy the business you worked so hard to build.
Understand why I strongly recommend you record certain phone calls, and what the laws are about doing so … so you don’t inadvertently put yourself in jeopardy.
Find out which trading structure is the best one for your business … so you pay less tax, while keeping your personal assets (i.e. savings, home, vehicle) protected.
And much, much more!

You’ll learn about way too many legal topics to list them all here ...

However, rest assured that as a member, I’ll share my absolute best legal guidance for small businesses … so you have all the knowledge you need to keep your business secure from astronomically expensive legal threats.

Get Answers to All Your Business Legal Questions with Money Saving Zoom Surgeries

As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to my hour-long Zoom surgery offered once a week … where I and my hand selected team of legal experts will personally answer your legal questions, as well as those of the other members.

More importantly, we guarantee to answer any business-related legal questions you might have.

To ensure that happens:

You have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance ...  
We promise to remain on Zoom until all questions are answered.

As a result, you get personal legal support from experienced legal experts … for way less than what you’d pay for a one-on-one consultation.

By way of comparison, I normally charge £450 per hour … whereas a Savvy Shay Business Club membership costs much, much less than that.

Plus, since I specialise in helping small business owners with their legal problems, you’re going to get so much out of these Zoom surgeries, because … 

I understand the unique challenges you face … and can guide you around pitfalls that other small business owners commonly experience.
You’ll be empowered to proceed with confidence, knowing that you’re doing things exactly the way a business solicitor would advise … so you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you’ve minimized your financial risks.
You’ll get answers far faster than you would from a traditional lawyer’s service, so you can move forward quickly … rather than have your business stagnate, due to worry or indecision.

And, as great as all that is, here’s something you’ll like even more …

If you can’t join the Thursday afternoon Zoom meetings, no problem … they’ll be available on replay, so you can watch them at your convenience.

Get Access to LIVE Monthly Trainings Where I’ll Explain How Recent Legal Developments Affect Your Business … And Much, Much More!

The law is constantly changing, and as a business owner, you need to know how those changes affect you … by being able to answer critical questions like …

What new laws could potentially impact my business?
Do I need to change my business processes in light of new legislation?
How can I best protect my business going forward?

Admittedly, reading through tons of legalese, so you can try to stay on top of this stuff is a huge (and tedious!) task … especially when you’re running your own business and have a million other responsibilities to juggle.

Fortunately, as a Savvy Shay Business Club member, you’ll enjoy monthly trainings on new legal developments that affect your business, as well as on those issues that are most pressing to the community.

We’ll even conduct trainings on subjects that’ll help you grow your business ... so you can start generating more revenue and potentially, even begin earning passive income.

For instance, we’ll cover popular topics, like:

How to license out your content or methodology … so you can start making money from your existing intellectual property ...
What you should do to prepare your business for investment or sale … so you reap maximum financial benefit while protecting your best interests ...
How to franchise your business … so you experience the benefits of debt-free, rapid growth, while enjoying greater brand recognition ...
What to consider when negotiating the sale of your company … so you’re fairly compensated for the business you put so much time and effort into building
And much, much more!

These hour-long live Zoom trainings include a 30-minute Q&A session at the end … to make sure you fully understand the legal implications to your business, by the time the session ends.

And if you can’t make the live trainings, no problem! The training sessions will be recorded and available for replay, so you can watch them at your convenience.

Enjoy Access to My Private Savvy Shay Facebook Group … So You Can Network & Learn from Other Like-Minded Members

As a member, you’ll also gain access to my private Facebook group … filled with savvy business owners (or those who want to be come savvy...) just like you.

Many members consider this group access to be especially valuable, because there are countless opportunities to learn from people who have already ‘been there’.

Which is why you’ll gain tonnes of invaluable information as a Facebook group member, for instance by learning how to improve your …

Supplier Negotiations
Team Management
Customer Service
And so much more!

With the wealth of awesome advice you’ll find in the Facebook group, it’s like getting your MBA … but a lot less time-consuming and way more fun!

And as great as all that is, the news gets even better, because right now, I have a special offer for you ...

Because I know how much joining the Savvy Shay Business Club is going to help your business, I want to make membership a real no-brainer for you.

That’s why if you sign up right now, I’m also going to throw in TWO fantastic bonus ...

BONUS 1: 40+ Legal Video Guides & Trainings (Value: £3,000)

BONUS 2: 5-Day Quarterly Implementation Sprints   (VALUE: £5,000)


BONUS #1: 5-Day Quarterly Implementation Sprints (Value: £5,000)

If you join the membership today, I’m also going to help you set up the legal documents you need for your business during quarterly implementation sprints.

Now, let me tell you why you’re going to find these sprints so invaluable ...

During them, we're going to provide you with personal legal help that’s applicable to your specific situation, so …

✔ You’ll learn which legal document(s) we recommend for your business
✔ And we’ll answer any questions you may have, so you can complete those documents--quickly, easily. and accurately.

These implementation sprints are so important, because for some of the more complex legal documents, you really should consult with an experienced business solicitor ... rather than trying to tackle them on your own.

Take the Terms of Business document, for example … as a business owner, you absolutely must have one of these in place, because it’s the main form of protection for your business. 

However, because it’s such a critical document, you’ll likely need your hand holding when you’re filling the termplate out, so you can draft tailored terms of business.

Those tailored terms are the only way to make sure you’re fully protected from all risk … which is why these implementation sprints are so crucial.

Not only are they going to help you protect your career, assets, and financial livelihood from threats, but you’re also going to get personal support from experienced legal experts… support, by the way, that would normally cost you £450 an hour.

That’s why these sprints are so valuable … they’re going to save you thousands of pounds every quarter, while eliminating many of the expensive (scary!) risks you face as a business owner.

So let me tell you more about how the sprints work …

Each quarter, we’ll focus on legal documents surrounding a specific theme … for instance, during the first year of your membership, I’ll hold these sprints:

Q1 Sprint - Terms of Business 
Q2 Sprint - Protecting Your Content 
Q3 Sprint - Working with Freelancers
Q4 Sprint - Structuring Your Business 

In subsequent years, I’ll do implementation sprints based on group feedback, covering the topics that members most want to learn about.

During each sprint, I’ll spend 5 days on Facebook and over Zoom … answering your questions, so you get the expert legal guidance you need to accurately complete one of the legal templates you’ve purchased from my site.

Each Zoom sprint will last approximately 1-½ hours for 5 consecutive days, and of course, I’ll be answering your Facebook questions all throughout the 5-day period … 

With such wide availability, I guarantee you’ll get the expert guidance you need to set up these legal documents correctly.

And if you can’t tune in to the Zoom sessions live, they’ll all be available on replay, so you’ll still have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences.

Now, as fantastic as all that is, the news gets even better, because I also have another exciting bonus for you ...

BONUS #2: 40+ video guides and special trainings (Value: £3,000)

If you join the Savvy Shay Business Club today, you’ll also get 40+ bonus video guides and special trainings.

These video guides are going to be enormously helpful to you, because they’re going to explain the legal issues that affect your business and which simple steps you need to take as a result.

Even better, these videos are totally free of confusing, dull legal jargon ...

Instead, I break down the things you need to understand in everyday, conversational language … so you can run your business not only legally, but also more efficiently and profitably.

For instance, as a member, you’ll get access to over 40 videos on subjects like:

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make that Cost £000s
How to Get Paid in Full On Time, Every Time
Dealing with Suppliers
How Omitting One Line of Text Cost Me Over £5000
Negotiating Tips & Tricks
How to Be Compliant in Your Use of Cookies
Mythbuster GDPR Training
How to Stop Competitors from Stealing Your Online Content
What I Taught Richard Branson About Business Law
Legalities of Selling Online
How to Take on Your First Freelancers
The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Coaches, Experts, and Consultants Make
How to Maximise the Value of Your Business
The Legalities of Social Marketing
How to Structure Your Business for Optimum Growth & Protection
Consumer Contracts Regulations Video 1, 2 and 3
How to Make HMRC registrations
How to Choose and Protect Your Business Name
How to Choose Domain Name and How to Protect It
How to Choose and Work With a Website Designer/Developer
How to Obtain Trademark Protection
Email Marketing the Legal Way and Everything You Need to Know About Data Protection
How to Make a Data Protection Notification
All You Need to Know About Advertising Regulation
Stress Free Recruitment
Employment Rights
How to SMASH Facebook Competitions While Staying Within the Law
Taking Your Product from Idea to Reality
VAT Place of Supply Rules for Digital Products
The New Data Protection Regime
Brexit Webinar
Is GDPR Over?
GDPR and Marketing
The UK's DPA 18 and How it Changes the GDPR
Recognising Data Breaches and How Best to Deal With Them
How to Properly Deal with a Subject Access Request and Avoid the Wrath of the ICO
SCA Compliance for Online Payments
Changes to IR 35 Rules for Contractors/Freelancers
Force Majeure Clauses and Termination Clauses
The Impact of Brexit on Trademark Protection
Appointing and Article 27 Representative

These trainings are comprehensive because there is a lot of law to cover, but rest assured, it is all super easy to understand and packed full of actionable, practical tips.

They will save you spending hours upon hours of trying to track down the relevant information and work out how it applies to you. I know because each training took me several hours to put together and I have been doing this for over 20 years...!

By Now, You’re Probably Wondering What It Costs to Become a Member …

As I mentioned before, my hourly rate is £450 … which is why the personal access you’ll get to me during our weekly Zoom surgeries and monthly trainings is valued at over £2,000.

When you add in the incredibly valuable 5-Day Quarterly Implementation Sprints (£5,000 value) … AND the 40+ legal videos and special trainings (£3,000 value) ... the total value of your membership is more than £10,000!

However, I’m not going to ask you to pay anything near that.

Instead, I’m making membership of the Savvy Shay Business Club available to you today for just a small monthly fee of £97 plus VAT.

That’s incredible value when you consider how much money you stand to save going forward ...

NO Clients Taking Advantage of You
NO Ridiculously Expensive Business Fines
NO Astronomically High Legal Fees
NO Employment Tribunal Risks
NO Difficulties Getting Paid
NO Unanticipated Liabilities
NO Bad Supplier Contracts
With savings like these, your Savvy Shay Business Club membership pays for itself … 

And that’s especially true when you consider that legal problems cost small businesses, on average, £6,700 per year … which is why you stand to save a tonne of money as a member! 

Furthermore, a membership will also give you an extraordinary opportunity to grow your business, as I’ll be sharing expert legal guidance on how you can ...

License out Your Content
Maximise Your Business’ Value
Prepare for Investment or Sale of Your Business
Start a Franchise
Improve Your Negotiation Skills
And so much more!

With these invaluable trainings, you’re bound to find plenty of new ways you can improve your business’ bottom line.

So, don’t delay ...

Act Now to Protect & Grow Your Business … by Becoming a Member Today!

Become a member right now for just a small investment of £97 plus VAT per month. 

Ask your legal questions during the weekly Zoom surgeries, attend the special monthly legal trainings, and get access to my exclusive Facebook group.

Plus, enjoy the special bonus you’ll get just for joining today--40+ incredibly helpful, jargon-free video training guides, valued at £3,000 PLUS the quarterly implementation sprints valued at £5000...!

Keep your membership for as long as you want … there are no long-term obligations and you’re free to cancel at any time.

In your very first month, I am confident you’ll more than make back the small investment you’re making in your business today.

But, you do need to act!

So, to get started, just click the button below right now to become a Savvy Shay Business Club member.

  • Access to weekly Zoom surgeries where you get all your questions answered so you can make quick, confident business decisions
  • Monthly trainings and Q&A to ensure you're up to date and have peace of mind you are doing things properly 
  • Facebook community to share ideas and experiences with like minded business owners and learn from their mistakes and successes
  • Trainings and surgeries by guest experts to give you expert insights and guidance on key areas of your business growth
  • BONUS: 40+ video trainings on key areas of legal and business matters so that you can go deeper on the areas that you need to
  • BONUS: quarterly implementation sprints so that you can have a leading expert hold your hand as you are implementing to ensure that your documents and structures are absolutely right for your unique business and so that you have the confirmation that you have put things into place properly

Once you enter your payment details, you’ll get immediate access to our membership portal and Facebook group.

You’ll also receive details via email about how you can access the upcoming weekly Zoom surgeries, as well as the special trainings.

And, by the way … you have literally nothing to lose by joining the Savvy Shay Business Club today, because I offer a full guarantee.

100% Money Back, Risk-Free Guarantee
I’m so confident you’ll love your membership that I offer a full, 100% money back guarantee. Join now and see for yourself how much value you get from the weekly Zoom surgeries, special trainings, Facebook group, and bonus implementation sprints and legal videos. If, after joining, you decide that the membership isn’t for you, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll refund 100% of your investment today. No questions asked, no fine print. 

If you’re like the thousands of other small business owners I’ve helped, I doubt you’ll want to cancel once you see what a tremendous help the membership is to your business.
But again, to enjoy that help, you must act now ...

So, to take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below right now to become a  member today!
Thanks for your time today … I can’t wait to help you protect your business and secure your financial future with Savvy Shay Business Club. 

All my best
Suzanne Dibble

PS you may be wondering about the name of the membership... Well, in my trainings I talk about three types of small business owner. 

We have Head in the Sand Hattie who is in blissful ignorance of all legal and business problems - until the problems hit her over the head like a tonne of bricks... 

Then we have Half Hearted Helena who knows that there are legal issues she needs to look at but can't really be bothered to set aside the time to look at things properly - so cobbles things together herself (from looking at competitor's terms on the internet), isn't really sure if the terms do the job, lacks confidence when presenting the terms to her clients and panics at any small legal or business problem, failing to assert her rights because she isn't entirely sure of the position. 

Finally we have Savvy Shay - the cool, calm collected business owner who has set aside some time to look at the important matters in her business, who has professonally drafted terms of business in place, who knows how to best deal with suppliers, who has the support she needs so that she can take decisions quickly and confidently and who has peace of mind that she is doing things properly.

Who out of these three business owners do you think will go on to have the most success in their business??

Whenever I talk about these three types of business owners on my trainings, by far the majority are the Half Hearted Helenas - and you know what, they all want to be Savvy Shays... 

Well now is your chance! Don't miss this opportunity to be a Savvy Shay by joining our membership and having all the support you need to help you get there.

Oh yes, and did you know that "Shay" is Gaelic for "ambitious"??

So if you have ambitions to make your business a success and to become a Savvy Shay, this membership is absolutely for you.

Sign up now so that you don't miss out - limited places apply!

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I join and find the Savvy Shay Business Club isn’t for me?
If, after joining, you decide that the membership isn’t for you, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked, no fine print.
Do I need to attend all of the surgeries?
Absolutely not. Attend as many or as few of the surgeries as you need to feel confident that your business is legally protected and that you have the answers to any pressing questions.
I don’t use Facebook, will I still be getting value from the membership?
Of course! The weekly surgeries take place on Zoom. That’s where you will have access to me and my team of carefully selected legal experts. The monthly trainings and Q&A’s also take place on Zoom and the recordings are available inside the membership site. You will also benefit from the bonus video trainings (in the membership site) and the 5 day implementation sprints.
I’m a current standard member of SBLA, how is Savvy Shay Business Club different?
If you’re a current member, you have had access to our templates, video guides, checklists and other materials but no access to Suzanne and her expertise. This is the perfect add on for those of you have access to the materials in the Legal Academy.
What about current Elite members, how is this different?
At present you have access to Suzanne in the VIP Facebook group. For current Elite members, this will continue for so long as you pay your renewal fee which is fixed at £197 plus VAT a year. At the end of June we will be closing down the existing Elite membership to new members and introducing a new Elite membership called “the Legal Accelerator” which will be priced at £500pm and will include a monthly mastermind with Suzanne and other Elite members together with other advanced benefits. If you are a current Elite member, you may choose to join the Savvy Shay membership for the access to the implementation sprints, the surgeries with Suzanne and other experts and the monthly trainings.
Does the membership include access to the legal templates and other materials in the Legal Academy?
No, the membership does not include the legal templates or other materials - these can be purchased separately. See for more details.
When do I get access to the membership?
Once you complete your purchase, you’ll get immediate access to our membership portal and Facebook group! You’ll also receive details via email about how you can access the upcoming weekly Zoom surgeries, as well as the monthly trainings.
How long do I have access to everything?
You have access to the weekly surgeries, monthly training, Facebook group, 40+ legal video guides & trainings, and quarterly implementation sprints for as long as you are a paying member of the Savvy Shay Business Club.
Am I tied in for any period?
No, you can cancel whenever you want to, although we hope you will see that the value you are receiving is worthy of a life long subscription and you will never want to cancel… If you do cancel, you will not be able to rejoin for 6 months and will have to pay the then current price. 
Does Suzanne guarantee to answer questions in the Facebook group? 
Suzanne or one of her carefully selected team of experts will answer all your questions in the weekly surgeries and on the trainings. In the Facebook group, you have a community support where you can share experiences of what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you and learn from the group experience. 
What types of businesses is this membership for?
If you have a service based business selling online this is perfect for you. A coach, a consultant, a membership site owner, an online course creator, a speaker, a trainer, a designer, a creative, a VA, a book keeper, a therapist, a fitness professional, any kind of expert - then this membership is perfect for you. Saying that, if you sell products online, this will also be very helpful for you.
Can I share the membership with my business partner?
Yes! If the membership has been purchased by your business then either you or your business partner (or both of you) can attend the surgeries, the training sessions, the implementation sprints and access the membership site. 
Is this membership suitable for people outside of the UK?
If you are in Scotland, then our business laws are practically identical so this is absolutely suitable for you. If you’re outside of the UK but have a UK client base, this will also be very useful for you.
Is Suzanne acting as my lawyer as part of the membership?
No, Suzanne is not acting as your lawyer. Suzanne rarely provides one to one legal consultancy these days and if she does it will be through the regulated entity Vlaw Limited.
Can I ask questions on behalf of my clients?
No, you can only ask questions and obtain support for your business. But by all means tell all your clients about the membership and encourage them to join! You may even want to join as an affiliate to earn a reward when your clients sign up through your unique link. Just email to express your interest in being an affiliate.
Can I share the details of the membership with my business pals?
Absolutely! We have an affiliate scheme that you can sign up to - just email and my affiliate manager will help you out.
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