Get all the legal support you need for your small business without it costing a fortune and without taking a chance on dubious legal expertise
Are you a small business owner who does not have the resources to have an in-house lawyer OR to write a blank cheque for a traditional lawyer's hourly fees BUT still needs support with contracts, IP, freelancers, disputes with clients, non-payments, refunds, disputes with suppliers, GDPR compliance and more?
If so, read on - it sounds like you need our help.
Is there anything worse than realising that all of this could have been avoided…
As business owners, we know that we should be prepared for anything. But when the to-do list is getting longer and longer, and the clients keep coming, it’s tough to set aside time to remember to get legal protections in order…

The feeling when that email comes in and we realise we're in trouble. Palms start to sweat. Heart starts to pound. The text becomes blurry...
The refund request 
8 months ago, the first high ticket client was secured. Settling down with a cup of tea and reading morning emails, up pops an email from the high ticket client. Glancing at the email, it seems that the client is demanding a full refund because they aren't happy with what they are getting. A sick feeling sets in and heart starts to pound. The money is long gone and there is no cash to refund the client... 
The non-payer 
6 months ago, a client started a course and it was agreed that they could pay in instalments. The latest instalment is now two months overdue and the client is not replying to emails or calls. A debt collection agency asks to see the contract... Realisation dawns that there wasn't a written contract about the instalments....
The cancellation of your big event 
A business retreat has been planned, paid for and sold to 50 people. External world events have led to travel restrictions being imposed. Realisation sets in that the event needs to be cancelled and clients are going to need to be refunded. On asking the venue for a refund, they point to the contract that was signed and say that they have no obligation to refund.... 
Okay, okay, enough doom and gloom.

The point we are making is that the legal stuff doesn’t usually feel important until it’s too late. With service based businesses with an audience that loves us, we spend so much time IN our business that we often forget to work ON our business. Nobody wants to think about their beloved clients missing payments, or competitors stealing content, or contractors letting them down when everything is going well!

And when we are allocating funds, it’s tough to think of spending several thousands on a lawyer to draw up contracts when we could just download that one we found on Google right? Problem is that document we found on Google isn’t going to provide the protection we need…. What to do….?

Don’t be like Hannah...
...who two days before her big event and launch of her new coaching programme received a Cease and Desist letter saying that she had to change the name of her event and coaching programme. The pressure of not knowing where to turn for help and deciding whether or not to cancel the event was enormous. If Hannah had done one small check before naming her event, she would not have suffered in this way. 
Don’t be like Emily...
...who signed up to an email services agreement without reading it or understanding it, that tied her in for three years and when, even though her email delivery rates had dropped through the floor, she was still obliged to pay for it for the next 2 and a half years. If Emily had understood just a few simple things about supplier contracts, she would not have found herself in such a mess.
Don’t be like Rachel...
...who had associate coaches working directly with her clients and suddenly she was receiving emails from clients giving notice on their contracts. When she looked into it, it was because the associate coach had offered to work directly with the clients for better rates. If Rachel had just added one clause to her associate contract, she wouldn’t have been struggling to save her business. 
Suzanne has countless other stories of coaches suffering, where it could so easily have been prevented with the right legal knowledge, resources and implementation.

As you know,  legal support is expensive. Lawyers triple digit hourly rates soon add up... Legal problems are even more expensive...

In fact, according to the Legal Services Board, legal problems cost small businesses, on average, a whopping £6,700 per year!

And the statistics show that 55.5% of micro businesses will experience a significant legal problem in any onw year. 

You might not even call it a "legal" problem - maybe it's a late payer, a non-payer, a refund request, a supplier not delivering what they promised, a competitor stealing your content, someone bad-mouthing you on social media, the list goes on... Whatever you want to call it, it's going to cost you time, money and stress and in most cases, these stresses and time and money drains were avoidable or easily resolvable - with the right legal knowledge, resources and support from a top business lawyer.

So even if you don't think you need this support right now, the statistics show it is only matter of time before you have a legal problem. Sensible businesses get ahead of the game and are pro-active about putting protections in place. 

Even if you only use our membership once or twice in a year, it will more than pay for itself!

With our affordable membership with individual guidance from Suzanne, legal problems such as late payers and refund requests, will be a thing of the past.

Legal Buddy is our affordable membership that provides 
you with all of the following:

Get easy answers to complex questions with weekly surgeries 
As a member, you’ll gain access to our weekly Zoom surgeries, where Suzanne (one of the UK's top business lawyers) will herself answer all your legal questions … meaning that rather than relying on the Internet for help with these complex areas (which is incredibly risky), you can get accurate, trustworthy guidance week after week from a trusted expert.
As a BONUS - Get access to professionally drafted, easy to understand legal templates
If you sign up for our Growing Membership, you will have access to all 120+ legal document templates including HR and H&S and a licence to use them for as long as you are a member. If you sign up for our Solo Membership, you will have access to 90+ legal document templates (not including HR and H&S) and a licence to use them for as long as you are a member. We usually sell our templates at £697 plus VAT so this a HUGE bonus!
Stay up to date easily with monthly trainings and Q&As
Every month, you'll be invited to one legal training session … so you’re always learning something new and important about the law and about business that’ll help you protect your livelihood while remaining in compliance with the newest legal regulations AND increase your business savviness. 
Save thousands on legal fees getting the important things in place 
Not only do we guide you through the email course to ensure all vital legal protections are in place, we also through our quarterly Implementation Sprints focus in on a vital area of legal protection or growth to ensure that key documents and protections are put in place in your business, such as our Trademark Sprint where we guide you to apply for a trademark, our Copyright Sprint where we guide you to put in place content protection and our Negotiation Sprint where we guide you through negotiation strategies.  
Free access to our back catalogue of legal trainings
Whatever you need to know about - whether it's how to best deal with suppliers, what legal issues to consider when recruiting, how to bring a debt action in the small claims court, we have everything covered for simple, easy guidance showing you the way forwards and directing you to the relevant templates and other resources.
Accountability to focus on the "important but not yet urgent" through our special software
Using our special software, you can easily link up with other members to carve out time to put not only legal protections in place, but also other 'important but not urgent' things, that very often get left until it is too late. 
Be supported and cheered on by our vibrant and welcoming community
Once you join Legal Buddy, you’ll gain access to our private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to join our welcoming community of small business owners just like you - to network, win clients, find help, get recommendations, share experiences and more.

With all these amazing resources, Legal Buddy arms you with the knowledge you need to make smart, money-saving decisions for your business … at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a solicitor!

Even better, you’re getting that guidance quickly and easily from an experienced business lawyer… without having to waste your time and energy trying to decipher complicated (dull!) jargon. 

However, don’t just take my word for how great the support is… check out what our members have to say about it...

See what our members have to say about Legal Buddy

Real life case studies from our members

Gospel Eadweardfilia

Gospel, a transformational holistic business practitioner, has dedicated her career to aiding those with invisible disabilities, chronic pain, or genetic conditions. By focusing on confidence-building and dismantling mental blocks, she assists them in launching their own businesses and leading self-sufficient lives. Yet, just as she uplifts others, she faced an unexpected business challenge herself.

The Challenge:

One bright October morning in 2018, Gospel felt the rush of new beginnings as she signed the lease for her own office space. But by September 2022, the winds changed. The property management was hiking her rent by a staggering 125%, effective immediately.

Heart racing, Gospel calculated the implications. She realised she had to exit the lease. Yet, she was met with another barrier: three-month's notice was required to terminate the contract, and that notice would've had to be given by June of that year. This meant that she would be bound by the agreement, along with the hefty increase, until June 2023! 

Feeling trapped, yet sensing the unfairness of the situation, Gospel sought guidance. She approached Suzanne, through her Legal Buddy membership, who could, as part of that membership, not only provide clarity on the terms of the contract but also support Gospel in negotiations.

The Lifeline:

Suzanne decoded the confusing jargon of the contract for Gospel. More than just a short-term fix, Suzanne's guidance was a masterclass in negotiation—a skill Gospel could use for life. With Suzanne’s encouragement, Gospel summoned the courage to face the property management company, negotiating from the heart but backed up with legal knowledge that extended beyond the contract and managed to overturn the contractual terms.

The Triumph:

With Suzanne's guidance, the tide turned. For a mere £150, Gospel was set free from the clutches of her old contract. She soon found a new space—a welcoming office at a rate she could afford. Gospel didn’t just save £1500; she gained an invaluable lesson and a strong belief in her own capabilities in negotiation.

The Lesson:

Gospel's story isn’t just about facing a business challenge—it's a tale of resilience, of seeking help when the waters get rough, and of the power of community. It’s a reminder for all small business owners in the UK: you're not alone in your journey, and when faced with mountains, remember that there's always a way through, with the support of an expert. Always seek guidance (ideally from a specialist business lawyer who have decades of experience!), always negotiate, and always believe in your own power.

Real life case studies from our members

Anthony Zieseniss

With the rapid rise of digital products, business owners are often faced with customers not understanding their rights when it comes to refunds and cancellations. Such scenarios can escalate into more serious disputes if not handled appropriately and quickly. Anthony's experience illustrates the importance of not only having well-defined, accessible and incorporated terms and conditions, but also actually understanding them to get a quick and effective resolution.

The situation:

A client purchased a digital download product from the business, and shortly after the purchase, she emailed them, asking for a refund. She completed a cancellation form for a 14-day 'cooling off' refund and was quite aggressive in her communication.

The challenge:

The client's behaviour was confrontational, and the refund request seemed unwarranted. The business needed to address the issue professionally without succumbing to the client's aggressive demands.

The lifeline:

The business had recently updated the terms and conditions on their site as per Suzanne’s guidance. These terms were explicitly linked to during the order process, and the client had confirmed acceptance of the terms by ticking a checkbox. The terms clearly stated that the customer acknowledged that the provision of digital downloads could start immediately and that they would lose their cancellation rights for digital downloads. 

The business referred the client to the relevant clause in their terms, confidently explaining the situation, and making it clear that she was not eligible for a refund in a firm but fair manner, maintaining its professional reputation whilst not giving away money that it didn't need to.

The triumph: 

The client withdrew her refund request after this, and the matter was resolved without any further action. Anthony commented that prior to Suzanne's help he would have stressed about it for days and then likely given a refund. Instead it was dealt with calmly, confidently and in a matter of minutes.

The lesson: 

This case not only highlights the importance of having the terms and conditions incorporated (in this case by the link and the tick box on the check out page) but also the importance of actually understanding the law around your terms so that you are confident in your dealings with your customers. This can not only protect business interests but also can foster positive client relationships. 

Real life case studies from our members

Alison Haill

Alison founded Oxford Professional Consulting over 20 years ago. She coaches ambitious leaders and professionals, high achievers with an appetite for personal and professional growth, ready to take action.

The situation:

Alison started her coaching journey in 2006, and as part of her business co-developed some coaching materials with another business coach. Over the years, Alison made significant changes to the original content. Recognising her contribution, her co-developer gave her the green light to brand it under Alison's name. Alison paid a small fee for what she thought was the rights to all of the IP in the content. Alison didn't think to get a written assignment as they were friends and the transfer of the rights was all very amicable.

The pandemic brought with it unprecedented challenges but also opportunity. During this period, Alison secured a major contract to work with a larger organisation, using the rebranded material. However, given the substantial amount of money involved, the need for a clear-cut legal contract outlining Alison’s ownership of the material became essential.

The challenge:

When Alison first brought up the issue as part of her Legal Buddy membership, she was in a dilemma about the copyright ownership of the rebranded content. Suzanne's guidance was clear: if the material contained original phrases or content from the co-developers, and there had not been a written assignment of the copyright in such content, it remained their intellectual property. Although Alison had paid a fee, there was no written assignment...

The lifeline:

As part of the membership, Suzanne recommended that Alison get a letter of assignment signed by the co-developer. Suzanne directed Alison to the relevant template in the extensive template library.

The triumph:

Following Suzanne's guidance, Alison made multiple attempts to secure the necessary permissions, only to face resistance due to the co-developer's personal challenges. An eventual breakthrough came when the co-developer agreed to sign the assignment letter, though this was on the insistence of the payment of a small additional fee. 

The lesson:

Understanding of IP law is critical in a content based business such as coaching, training and consultancy. It's such a complex area that trying to gain this knowledge from the internet will take you round in circles and likely lead you to incorrect assumptions. It's essential to understand the basics of IP law from a true expert - and that's what we include in the Legal Buddy membership. Not only that, having access to legal templates when you need them rather than having to find a lawyer to draft the documents for you will save you many thousands of pounds.  The final cherry on the cake is having guidance from Suzanne as to negotiation strategy so that you get what you want, with no stress, no wasted costs and no wasted time.


Alison’s story shows the complex issues that can arise - even between friends. Having an expert by your side, like Suzanne, can make the path clearer, ensuring that personal relationships are preserved, and business goals achieved in the most effective way.

Why you're in the safest of hands with Suzanne by your side

Hi, I’m Suzanne Dibble, a business lawyer and  business owner who specialises in helping small business owners with their legal issues.

Prior to doing that, I worked with celebrity entrepreneurs, and at the world’s largest law firm, DLA Piper, working on multi-million pound global mergers and acquisitions.

I’ve also been a board director of a £150m+ business, which led to me being listed in the Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite two years in a row.

In 2010, I set up my own legal practice and then passive income business, and as a result, I’m totally commercial-minded and entrepreneurial in my outlook (which is a bit of a rarity for us solicitors).

In 2014, I set up my first mastermind group for business owners and in 2016 partnered with Dr Joanna Martin to bring our exclusive Empress mastermind to female entrepreneurs.

However ...

What really sets me apart from other lawyers and business owners is not just my second to none legal training and experience, but my first hand experience of running a small business. I am not a lawyer who sits in an ivory tower spouting what the law says...

I'm all about focusing on and teaching you about the bits of the law that are actually relevant for your business. 

You don't want to be a legal expert, you just want to know the basics in the areas where there is the most risk and then have an affordable expert on hand when you need them.

I have helped tens of thousands of small businesses to:

Establish a solid foundation for their business so it doesn't all come crashing down
Put legal protections in place to prevent anything from threatening their livelihood
Understand the risks involved and carry out a risk analysis as to the best course of action for their business - what is right for one business might not be right for another 
My ultimate goal is to help you to understand the legal fundamentals, to put solid foundations in place and to be here for you as your guide so that you don't have to suffer legal problems derailing your business 

My Small Business Legal Academy (my membership site that contains all of my legal resources such as templates, trainings, checklists etc), was heralded by the SRA and the Legal Services Board as 'pioneering’. It also won a Law Society Award and when surveyed, a whopping 100% of Small Business Legal Academy members said they’d recommend it.

I'm thrilled that with Legal Buddy we are able to help small businesses in an even more impactful way...

Legal Buddy Empowers You With the Expert Guidance You Need … To Handle Any Issue Your Business Is Facing - Calmly and With Confidence
If you have ambitions to grow your business without it being derailed, then this is the membership for you

By Now, You’re Probably Wondering What It Costs to Become a Member …

Discover all of these huge benefits:

Membership level:
  • HUGE BONUS: Access to 90+ legal template documents (not including HR and H&S)
  • Weekly surgeries with top experts where all of your individual questions are answered
  • Monthly training sessions to keep you up to date with the latest legal issues
  • Get support and learn from the experiences of a vibrant and welcoming community through a members only Facebook group
  • Deepen connections, win clients, collaborate and find suppliers with quarterly socials and in person meet ups
  • Implementation sprints to ensure that vital legal protections are actually put in place
  • Access to back catalogue to all of our legal trainings so that you know exactly what steps to take
  • Free accountability and implementation software to ensure that you carve out time for the 'important but not urgent'
FROM £277 PER MONTH (Best Value!)
  • HUGE BONUS: Access to 120+ legal template documents (including HR and H&S)
  • Weekly surgeries with top experts where all of your individual questions are answered
  • Monthly training sessions to keep you up to date with the latest legal issues 
  • Get support and learn from the experiences of a vibrant and welcoming community through a members only Facebook group
  • Deepen connections, win clients, collaborate and find suppliers with quarterly socials and in person meet ups
  •  Implementation sprints to ensure that vital legal protections are actually put in place
  • Access to back catalogue of all of our legal trainings so that you know exactly what steps to take
  • Free accountability and implementation software to ensure that you carve out time for the 'important but not urgent'
So rather than sleepless nights and wondering which way to turn, wouldn't you rather have:

....peace of mind that you're complying with all relevant laws and won't get fined (ignorance is not a defence...) 

....confidence that your contracts are watertight so that you know you will get paid and won't need to give out unnecessary refund requests...

...reassurance that you are complying with all relevant words and won't get into trouble....

...pride as you see your business growing on solid foundations... that everything is protected and won't come crashing down, even in the time of recession...

I’m so confident you’ll love your membership that I offer a full, 100% money back guarantee. Join now and see for yourself how much value you get from the weekly Zoom surgeries, special trainings, Facebook group, and bonus implementation sprints and legal videos.

If, after joining, you decide that the membership isn’t right for your business, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase with reasons why the membership isn't right for you and if we agree that it's not right, we'll refund 100% of your investment. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I join and find the Legal Buddy isn’t right for business?
If, after joining, you decide that the membership isn’t right for your type of business, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and if we agree that it isn't right for your type of business,  we'll refund 100% of your investment. 
Do I need to attend all of the surgeries?
Absolutely not. Attend as many or as few of the surgeries as you need to feel confident that your business is legally protected and that you have the answers to any pressing questions. Even if you don't have your own question to ask, it's enormously valuable to listen to other similar business owners' questions and learn from that. 
I don’t use Facebook, will I still be getting value from the membership?
Of course! The weekly surgeries take place on Zoom. That’s where you will have access to me and my team of carefully selected legal experts. The Monthly Trainings, Q&A’s, Implementation Sprints, Roadmap Surgeries and Quarterly Socials all take place on Zoom and the recordings are available inside the membership site. You will also benefit from all of the back catalogue of 100s of trainings (in the membership site) and the 5 day implementation sprints.
I’m a current standard member of SBLA, how is Legal Buddy different?
If you’re a current member, you have had access to our templates, video guides, checklists and other materials but no access to Suzanne and her expertise or any of the other benefits listed above. This is the perfect add on for those of you have access to the materials in the Legal Academy.
Does the membership include access to the legal templates and other materials in the Legal Academy?
No, the membership does not include the legal templates or other materials - these can be purchased separately at a discount of half price on the usual prices whilst you are a member. 
When do I get access to the membership?
Once you complete your purchase, you’ll get immediate access to our membership portal and Facebook group! You’ll also receive details via email about how you can access the upcoming weekly Zoom surgeries, as well as the monthly trainings.
How long do I have access to everything?
You have access to all of the benefits for as long as you are a paying member of the Legal Buddy Club.
Am I tied in for any period?
You can pay monthly to spread the cost of the membership. The minimum term is as stated on the checkout form. The reason we can offer this membership at such a low cost is because it is expected that not every member will have a legal issue to bring every week. Think of the investment as like insurance but much better value and a lot more fun!
Does Suzanne guarantee to answer questions in the Facebook group? 
Suzanne or one of her carefully selected team of experts will answer all your questions in the weekly surgeries and on the trainings. In the Facebook group, you have a community support where you can share experiences of what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you and learn from the group experience. 
What types of businesses is this membership for?
If you have a service based business selling online this is perfect for you. A coach, a consultant, a membership site owner, an online course creator, a speaker, a trainer, a designer, a creative, a VA, a book keeper, a therapist, a fitness professional, any kind of expert - then this membership is perfect for you. Saying that, if you sell products online, this will also be very helpful for you.
Can I share the membership with my business partner?
Yes! If the membership has been purchased by your business then either you or your business partner (or both of you) can attend the surgeries, the training sessions, the implementation sprints and access the membership site. 
Is this membership suitable for people outside of the UK?
If you are in Scotland, then our business laws are practically identical so this is absolutely suitable for you. If you’re outside of the UK but have a UK client base, this will also be very useful for you.
Is Suzanne acting as my lawyer as part of the membership?
No, Suzanne is not acting as your lawyer. Suzanne rarely provides one to one legal consultancy these days and if she does it will be through the regulated entity Vlaw Limited.
Can I ask questions on behalf of my clients?
No, you can only ask questions and obtain support for your business. But by all means tell all your clients about the membership and encourage them to join! You may even want to join as an affiliate to earn a reward when your clients sign up through your unique link. Just email to express your interest in being an affiliate.
Can I share the details of the membership with my business pals?
Absolutely! We have an affiliate scheme that you can sign up to - just email and my affiliate manager will help you out.
Have another question that we haven't covered above?
You can click on the video to the bottom right of the screen and ask a question via video or email or you can email our support desk at
Not convinced? Don’t just take it from me...
Kris Thorne
“Highly recommend! When I started I wanted to get my client contracts and website documents in place and protect my IP. I have done that and so much more - I have a level of understanding that has far exceeded my hopes. Suzanne takes something complex and daunting and makes it simple and easy to understand. There's as much learning in the Q&A as there is in the content. I now understand the purpose of the clauses and what they mean in context and have the confidence to negotiate them as well. I feel set up for success in multiple areas of my business - dealing with vendors, taking on associates, offering online programs, negotiating B2B contracts.  It's an absolute goldmine of resources and support which you'll be glad to have to avoid any expensive legal headaches."
Lindsay Cressey
“Suzanne has played a key part at the start of my entrepreneurial journey; it's rare to find a lawyer who also runs an entrepreneurial business and so who has depth of legal experience plus insight into the everyday joys and agonies of running a business. I have gained access not only to an extensive and comprehensive legal template library covering all aspects of small businesses, but also Suzanne's fun and straightforward teachings which give great depth of understanding and how to implement these documents. I was looking to have all the necessary legal documents in place before I started trading; now I'm ready to start trading, confident that I have myself and my business in the best legal shape going forward. Suzanne makes the legal side of your business accessible, understandable and even fun!" 
"Suzanne’s legal knowledge and templates has actually, I believe, saved my business."
Karen Haller
Karen Haller Colour & Design Consultancy and author of the Little Book of Colour
 "I realized as my business was growing that guessing what needed to be in my contracts was no longer a great idea.”
Clare Josa
author of
Ditching Imposter Syndrome 
"Suzanne has excelled herself with a comprehensive and easy to follow programme that is equally as relevant to start ups as it is to established businesses."
Sam Willoughby
Founder of What's on 4 and the Children's Activities Association
Anna Louise Cowgill
This programme is a must for anyone with a small business. Suzanne teaches you everything you need to make sure you have the right legal protections in place to protect it. Not only that she walks you through how to implement them step by step and answers all of your questions. It is great motivation and will give you confidence in negotiations and peace of mind that you are properly protected. You will have peace of mind that your business is properly protected and you will have greater confidence to negotiate your future contracts."
Nadine Peatfield
Lots for Tots
“I had a Copyright issue where a competitor was using my material on their Facebook page. It looked likely that they would also publish my material. As a member of Suzanne’s membership, it was so easy to know what to do. I adapted a template letter and sent it off and within 48 hours the material was removed from the offending Facebook page. 

I have also used the template Cease and Desist Letter to successfully deter two businesses from using my business name.”
Karen Hooton
“Sometimes wish I have more time to spend on the legal area of the business, there is soooo much content, Suzanne has made it fascinating and so easy to follow, the extra days of walking through the templates has been well worth the time and money, increasing my knowledge and confidence for understanding and using the templates in my business. The templates make everything look and feel so more professional when applied in the business and are above many other competitors. It's the reassurance that you are doing things the correct way to protect both you and the business. And I now know what to look for in other Ts & Cs, etc from other businesses - priceless, thank you to Suzanne and the team."
Amie Crews
“It's not just a set of templates, the guidance that Suzanne gives in explaining the legal terminology has enabled me to feel confident about what I have in place and I finally feel properly protected. I went from various cobbled together documents and keeping my fingers crossed, to a fully comprehensive and legally protected business. Having access to the templates is one thing but having Suzanne walk it through and explain what it means in layman's terms means that I now fully understand, and trust the documents I have in place. I have completely overhauled all the documents I had in place across my website, members platform and with regards to IP."
“I find the Facebook group an invaluable support and enjoy being able to interact with Suzanne and other members in such an instant way. As most of us work on-line all day against tight deadlines, getting such quick responses is a real plus point. It is also very useful to see other businesses legal queries and the resulting guidance as often it can apply to my business too or arms me with the knowledge should there be a time in the future I find myself in a similar situation.

I love the sense of business community the Facebook group gives me, knowing there are other small business owners out there with similar queries or dilemmas to myself. Lastly but not least, having direct access to Suzanne’s immense knowledge and her straight forward way of explaining the legal world has added real value to my business and given me the confidence to implement policies and tackle long overdue projects."
Katie Murphy
Baby & More
Melanie Coeshott
“Comprehensive, thorough and practical way to not only learn about the key legal requirements and implications, but combined with simple ways to implement them."
Anne Welsh
“I would recommend Suzanne Dibble to anyone. Lots of people will sell you legal documents or courses on how to prepare them. Suzanne does that but she and her team also get you thinking about how to operate your own business in a way that works for you, your clients and, of course, the law. It's the best way to not only know what you are doing legally, but why you are doing it."
Dr Alison Grimston
“We don't know what we don't know until we have some training like this - and every day we are putting our businesses at risk by not getting these legal documents in place!"
"What Suzanne helps with is way beyond going out there and finding some die-cut templates. Frankly, it's like chalk and cheese in terms of the support you get and the quality of the templates."
Paul Jenkins
founder of
 "What Suzanne offers is always amazing value for money – it’s a no-brainer. The fact that Suzanne has such an excellent reputation means that I know that the programme is ‘major’ outstanding value. I recommend everything she does to all of my business contacts."
Amanda Fitzgerald
founder of
Amanda Fitzgerald PR 
"I genuinely cannot tell you how much stress Suzanne has relieved from me. As small business owners, we want to get it right. Suzanne takes away the headache, the worry, the uncertainty out of it, in what I can only describe as a beautifully simple process."
Sonia Gill
founder of 
Heads Up Limited
Helen Errington
“What a fabulous experience. Suzanne patiently guides you to not only prepare the right legal documents for your business and its activities, but also ensures that you understand what each means and why you need it. 
Carolyn Boddington
“ It’s a very supportive community. And a very intelligent group that asks great questions. It’s a pleasure to learn from the challenges/scenarios others have in diverse businesses to mine. It is hard to put a value on what having access to a professional legal infrastructure and a legal expert to answer my questions is for a business of my size. Suffice to say Suzanne has provided at least 1000x value for my investment and I will be forever grateful. I go forward safe in the knowledge that I am as protected as I can be. It would have been years before I could have afforded the legal infrastructure I have put in place thanks to Suzanne, if I would have ever actually done it. Thank you so much Suzanne."
Kristiina Gwynne
“Fantastic to get all the legal documents in place to grow my business. Suzanne was exceptionally helpful in answering all my questions and her team are really supportive. It feels very reassuring.  As a result I have created my privacy policy, sorted my cookie policy on my website, created my copyright notice, created my terms of business and data processing addendum. I also have my freelancers agreement ready! Thank you!"
Jo Manton
“This gives you the courage and confidence that you're running your business in the right way! Whenever I needed to reach out to the support team, I got a prompt - and helpful - response.  Benefits-wise I got my IP assigned straight-away from my graphic designer, updated my website terms of use, privacy and cookie notice, and reviewed my existing Associate Agreements to make sure they were legally compliant. I also really appreciated virtually meeting other business owners in different stages of business and learning from their challenges!"
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