Is making sales from your passive income or semi passive income product a lot harder than you thought?

Then this March, it’s time to Spring Into Action with Suzanne Dibble and very special guests!

FREE 5 Day Spring Into Action Immersive Interactive Course!

Monday 7th to Friday 11th March

masterclasses from 12 noon to 2pm (London)

If you have a digital product, online course, membership site or group programme, you may already be facing a few challenges that are stopping that flow of passive income (or semi passive income) sales that you have been dreaming of...

Equally, if you have plans for passive income products, you may not know the right steps to take to get that steady flow of passive income coming... 

I have been there - it's really tough.

These days it's even harder because everyone is doing it so there is a lot of 'noise' out there. How do you lift yourself above the noise and get that financial security of recurring monthly income of passive income sales?

How do you build a big enough audience when the social media algorithms make it so painfully slow and difficult... ??

How do you know what the legalities are around selling online and how to prevent a flood of refund requests?

How do you overcome sales objections and make those sales from a sales page that is compelling and works on auto pilot?

I know the answers to all of these challenges because I went from struggling online course creator to millionaire passive income generator and I want to show you how this is possible for you too.

That's what I am going to do in my FREE 5 day immersive, interactive course!

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PS: This Live Course is especially for:  course creators, membership site owners, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, trainers - or experts who wants to break through the ceiling of trading time for money.

Join my FREE 5 day immersive, interactive course where I (and my very special guests) will walk you through the steps of my strategy to make millions from sales of passive income products

Join my FREE 5 day immersive, interactive course where I (and my very special guests) will walk you through the steps of my strategy and show you how you can get past the challenges and get the sales rolling in WITHOUT working every hour that God sends...


Now, we all know it’s hard to devote time to working “on” our business rather than “in” it. There is so much to do and not just within the business but also juggling family life. 

I totally get it...

But if getting the passive income or semi passive income going is a PRIORITY for you, so that you can get that monthly recurring financial security without killing yourself with work, to get that financial freedom from breaking through the time for money income ceiling, to help more people to have more impact, to work less hours to have more time to spend with family - whatever your reason, then you need to MAKE time for it.

Put just two hours a day aside and join me and my special guests on Zoom from the comfort of your own home to discover my step by step strategy that made all the difference in my online business. With our workbooks accompanying each masterclass, you will leave the course with not just practical ideas to move past your challenges and see the success that you want, but you will have your own personal plan of action.

Scroll down to see exactly what we will be covering on this FREE 5 day immersive, interactive course that will bring such value to your business and to your life. 

Ready for the SPRING INTO ACTION experience?

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5 days.

5 masterclasses.

5 beautiful downloadable workbooks.

5 steps of my strategy that took me from struggling 
course creator to online millionaire 


The foundations to secure your income for years to come


With Suzanne Dibble LLB, CIPP/E, we will show you how to craft contracts and disclaimers to comply with all of the legalities around online selling and how to put appropriate boundaries in place to avoid having difficult conversations, refund requests, getting sued or competitors ripping off your content.

"One of the few lawyers who really understands online business."

Suzanne has been running her own online business for the past ten years and has helped so many more online businesses that she truly understands all the risks that face us and explains in a really easy to understand way, how we can avoid those risks.

Veronica Pullen, The Mile Deep (Facebook) Marketing Queen

Understanding sales psychology and having a compelling sales page


To get those sales rolling in, we need to be good at selling! But many of us have an uncomfortable relationship with sales, feeling that it is sleazy to promote ourselves. In this masterclass, Suzanne is joined by top UK sales coach and membership site owner Catherine Watkin, who will guide us through the psychology of heart centred selling, making typical objections a things of the past and walk us through the essential elements of a sales page that gets results. 

"What a beautiful and empowering new way to look at sales." 

It was a huge relief to learn that it’s possible to sell from a place of integrity and authenticity so that it becomes an act of service rather than a pushy, manipulative manoeuvre.

Linda Anderson
Tapping Expert & Mindset Magician


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For passive income, we need to have a good sized audience and one that is engaged. It's a numbers game.


Suzanne has built audiences from scratch to 40k within 2 months through social media and this has been a key part of her strategy for higher passive income sales. In this masterclass, Suzanne is bringing in Lisa Johnson, one of the UK's leading passive income mentors who made £2.5m from her last launch, to share with us her strategies for growing, engaging and exciting her audience so that she has an army of raving fans ready to buy from her. She will guide us through how to create your own personal defined strategy so that you can stop wasting time on social media.

"She's honestly changed my life" 

Working with Lisa has been incredible! She’s honestly changed my life. Everything she’s taught me I’ve worked hard and implemented, following her guidance. She’s so down to earth and teaches in an easy to understand way and I find her energy, honesty and enthusiasm a breath of fresh air. 

Caroline Stevens, Small Business Owner

Shortcut growing your audience by leveraging off existing ones

STEP 4: Relationships and JV partners

Forming relationships with the right joint venture partners is what Suzanne credits for her early success. By becoming the dominant expert in a niche with a large ready-made audience, Suzanne was able to shortcut building her own audience and have a hugely successful joint venture launch of her Legal Academy membership. Suzanne will show you how to identify the right joint venture partners, how to approach them, how to best structure the deal and how to deal with the mechanics of tracking sales and paying commissions.


Review your plan and ask questions from those further ahead on the journey


Join Suzanne to catch up on and reflect on the week and your personal plan of action with the opportunity to ask questions about your personal plan to give you the greatest chances of success. 


Keep those feelings of imposter syndrome at bay


This fabulous bonus session with Suzy Ashworth, who herself is earning 7 figures a year from her passive and semi-passive income streams, will help you to stay strong when the going gets tough and to keep any feelings of imposter syndrome at bay.

Creating the right frameworks


Lauren Tickner was named as Forbes Magazine #1’s Online Coach in 2021. Founder and CEO of Impact School, Lauren’s business philosophy is “let Frameworks run the business and let great people run those Frameworks.” That ideology has empowered Impact School to help hundreds of thousands globally grow their coaching, courses and cashflow under Lauren’s leadership. As well as that, London Stock Exchange called her a “Marketing Genius” and she’s widely recognised as a cashflow and growth expert. The secret is Frameworks.

Take your business to the next level


If you want to scale and grow your online business without overwhelm or burnout, then this bonus sessions is a must watch. A workbook also accompanies this bonus session. Amber McCue, is a leading global expert in this area and provides some key insights to make growing your online business an awful lot easier than it would otherwise be, including insights on hiring the right team and putting the right systems in place. 



To become even more successful, we need to scale without burning out by putting team, systems and procedures into place. With world class expert Amber McCue, we will show everyone how to easily double, triple or quadruple your revenue, without burning out.

"She empowers entrepreneurs to feel confident" 

Amber is the type of person who calmly looks at any situation and immediately assesses how to fix it. Not only is her insight spot-on, and her empathy palpable, her brain works in the constant mode of asking, “How can I make this better?” As a result, she empowers entrepreneurs to feel confident as they up-level their businesses…and find joy along the way.

Jasmine Star, Social Media Expert

Ready for the SPRING INTO ACTION experience?

We can’t wait to show you Suzanne's winning strategies and help you get those passive income sales rolling in and, importantly, secured.

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Who's Behind this free Course?

Suzanne Dibble LLB, CIPP/E is a multi-award winning business lawyer who has an award winning course and membership site, the Small Business Legal Academy, that has helped countless online businesses protect themselves legally and put all contracts in place easily and affordably. 

She’s the author of the best selling GDPR for Dummies and is a regular media commentator and international speaker. 

In her free time, Suzanne enjoys travelling with her family in her campervan and binge watching Netflix…

Ready for the SPRING INTO ACTION experience?

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