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Monday 17th to Friday 21st January 2022

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We all know it’s hard to devote time to working “on” our business rather than “in” it. But when it's something as important as protecting our brand, we need to set time aside to make sure this fundamental protection is in place. 

Join my FREE 5 day Implementation Sprint where we will put aside just an hour a day for 5 days and I will guide you through the exact steps you need to take in order to protect your brand.  
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PS: This Sprint is especially for: solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, course creators, membership site owners, speakers, authors, trainers or experts who are building a brand and know the importance of protecting it.


We are starting in...

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What's the worst that could happen if you don't protect your brand?

Have to spend thousands on legal fees

Forced into an expensive rebrand

Confusion in the market place as to what are your products or services

Lose customers to competitors

Can't sell your business and realise a capital return


Can't get investment into your business

5 days.

5 One Hour Implementation Sessions.

End Result = Your Brand Protected 
(WITHOUT spending a penny on legal fees)

Here is what we are going to be covering on the FREE 5 day Trademark Implementation Sprint:

  • Monday 17 January: Is it registrable: whether your name or logo or strapline is capable of being trademarked
  • Tuesday 18 January: Searches: what searches you need to do prior to making an application
  • Wednesday 19 January: Classes: what classes you need to register your trademark in
  • ​Thursday 20 January: Applying online: how to actually make the trademark application online
  • Friday 21 January: Q&A: ​I will also be answering all of your questions on our wrap up session on Friday so that you can be sure you are making the right next steps.

Not only that but when you sign up, you will receive three BONUS training videos with beautiful workbooks for you to watch before the live sessions of the Sprint start and they will take you through:

  • Video 1: Checks: the 5 vital checks you need to carry out before choosing any name (whether you think you want to trademark it or not)
  • Video 2: Value: the value of having a registered trademark in your business - and what this means in reality
  • Video 3: Register: what you should actually be applying to register - you would be surprised!

All so that by the end of the FREE 5 day Trademark Implementation Sprint, you could have your UK trademark already applied for - without having spent thousands on legal fees and safe in the knowledge that you have applied correctly and haven't wasted your money on an incorrect application!

Ready to implement?

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Dibble LLB, CIPP/E is a multi-award winning business lawyer who has an award winning course and membership site, the Small Business Legal Academy, that has helped tens of thousands of online businesses protect themselves legally and put all contracts in place easily and affordably. The Legal Academy has won a Law Society Award and 100% of members when surveyed said they would recommend it.

Suzanne is the author of the best selling book GDPR for Dummies and is a regular media commentator and international speaker. 

Suzanne was Richard Branson's lawyer and he nominated her for a national award for Solicitor of the Year. Suzanne was voted runner up in those awards.

"One of the few lawyers who really understands online business."

Suzanne has been running her own online business for the past ten years and has helped so many more online businesses that she truly understands all the risks that face us and explains in a really easy to understand way, how we can avoid those risks.

Veronica Pullen, The Mile Deep (Facebook) Marketing Queen

What others have said about our previous Implementation Sprints

"I can't believe it was all for free."

"You should do this Sprint. The one I did really helped me and made me feel more confident about the legal aspects of running a business. The legal insight was incredible, and I can't believe it was all for free. It was definitely time well spent. If you have any inkling of starting or growing a business, doing this Sprint is a no brainer. It will help you to grow your business with your eyes open because you will have a better understanding of your legal position. I feel much better equipped now to start and grow my own business."

Anna Louise Cowgill

"Suzanne cuts through the overwhelm."

"If you're starting a service-based business or looking to improve an existing one, this is the event you need that will help you understand the legal frameworks you should have in place. Suzanne cuts right through the overwhelm by taking complex matters and presenting them in a manner that is easy to understand and implement straight away. Suzanne and her team serve from the heart and are just as committed to your success as you are."

Caroline M Klos

"Gained a huge amount of confidence"

"Suzanne is very knowledgeable on many things but specifically about the legal intricacies that coaches and consultants have to face and deal with. This means that the trainings and Sprint is superbly and uniquely positioned to help us/you with the practical, real and relevant issues you encounter. I have gained a huge amount of confidence with the legals as a result :)"

Jo Manton

"Level of input is phenomenal"

"The level of input is phenomenal and offers incredible value, especially since it is a free training! In addition, Suzanne's credentials are impeccable and she really knows her stuff and how to make it accessible for your particular type of business, eg coaching services"

Elena Gil-Rodriguez

"Definitely worth the time!"

"An excellent course covering all the major legal things that you need to consider but taught in brilliantly plain English. Suzanne is great at explaining complex subjects in clear and simple language that is understandable. Definitely worth the time!"

Janet Beauchamp

"It was such a relief to find an enjoyable and understandable approach!"

"A wonderfully comprehensive and user-friendly experience to demystify everything around small business legal requirements. It was such a relief to find an enjoyable and understandable approach to this previously baffling minefield."

Alison Fiander

"If you care about your business, DO THIS!"

"I've never learned SO much in a free offering, or actually taken the time to attend every single session from start to finish, writing copious notes! If you care about your business, DO THIS!"

Clare Metcalf

"Best course I've ever done! And it was free...!"

Extremely knowledgeable, supportive and I have completed documents ready to go! Not left to my own devices. SO good!!! Best course I've ever done! And it was free...!"

Louise Corcoran

"It is genuinely given to you on a plate."

"You will be getting incredible free access to an 'easy to follow' course and Sprint for essential legals needed for your business, led by the calm and inspirational Suzanne Dibble. It is genuinely given to you on a plate - a free plate! Even as a lawyer myself, this free course and Sprint gave me so much confidence and extra top tips; it was the best use of my time and I loved being a part of the community. A must-have for all small business owners.

Lindsay Cressey

"Outstanding and very unusual."

"To be able to emerge from free training with an actual product that you can use in your business right now that's going to protect you is outstanding and very unusual. This was a big investment of time for me, but well worth it because I learnt so much. I wish I had access to something like this at the beginning of my business journey because I would have saved so much energy as well as money!"

Amie Crews

"Suzanne is passionate, genuine, has integrity and wants us all to succeed. "

"I I love Suzanne’s delivery, it’s friendly and without fluff. 
The week prior to this Sprint, I’d enrolled on another legal course and after doing the course, I knew Suzanne was my kind of gal. The training and Sprint is organised so well that it eliminates any confusion and you simply follow along with the thoroughly considered training steps. It’s slick, professional and effective. Suzanne is passionate, genuine, has integrity
and wants us all to succeed. I feel relieved and secure knowing I have the support and training from Suzanne and her team."

Gina Bailey-Stocken

"Wonderful opportunity."

"Wonderful opportunity for small businesses like yours and mine. You get to understand what your key legal business loopholes are and what risks you may unknowingly be running, how you can easily protect yourself."

Alison Haill

"Brilliant at clarifying what I need to do."

"Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She has the ability to convey potentially confusing concepts in a clear and concise way. She has been brilliant at clarifying what I need to do to make sure my business is compliant with legal requirements."

Jigisha Patel

"It was great fun!"

"Suzanne's Implementation Sprints are brilliant. I'm much more confident now I have a better understanding of the importance of putting legal safeguards in place. Plus it was great fun with loads of useful info and a great group of fellow small business owners."

Tina Cook

"No waffle, plain English and no hard sell"

"A great, organised team - led by an individual with an extensive legal background, sharing information that is essential when building / continuing a business. No waffle, plain English and no hard sell."

Thandi Davis-Groener

"If you want to bulletproof your business, Suzanne will get you there quickly"

"If you want to bulletproof your business against potential legal problems, Suzanne will get you there quickly and, more importantly, without you having to learn loads of legal jargon!."

Tansy Muller

To trademark your brand with a lawyer would usually cost you THOUSANDS, but I'm going to show you exactly how you can do it without incurring ANY legal fees

We collect and process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice

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We collect and process your data in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

Ready for the SPRING INTO ACTION challenge?

  We process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice